Our products are specifically designed to help nourish, soften and moisturize dry, cracked, flaky, and sensitive skin.




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Highly Recommended


"This product is fantastic! I definitely recommend it and I will happily purchase more products. This would also make great presents."


Luxury Pedicure/ Soft Hands


"This product is marvelous for both your feet and hands, highly recommend."


A Must Have!


"I heard about this product on the Yelp Sweet 16 virtual event. It’s amazing! Keeps my feet and hands so soft and is the perfect pair to the scrub we made on the event. It smells so good and is made of natural ingredients. I will definitely be replenishing this as soon as it’s out."

– Julianne

The Best Facial Oil On The Market


"This oil had done wonders for my skin. It has moistures it and lightened the dark areas on my face."


Peppermint Soap


"I bought the Peppermint Soap and I just ❤ it. The smell of Peppermint gives me the feeling of clean and fresh. Please keep this on stock!"


Our Signature Happy Hands and Feet Balm

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"At Shea BODYWORKS, we believe in creating a holistic experience with our skin care products that nourishes and soothes dry and sensitive skin."

Saidah, Founder of Shea BODYWORKS